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because it is bitter and because it is my heart

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19 January 1972
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"To whom shall I hire myself out?

What beast must I adore?

What holy image is attacked?

What Hearts shall I break?

What lie must I maintain?

In what blood tread?”


Me circa 1977

This is the public yet personal journal of Ana Bitterfig.

Writing is the way I make sense of the world and this journal is a part of that.

Many of the entries in this journal, those concerning politics, books, movies and art are open to the public and anyone who cares to is welcome to read them. Other entries, those concerning my daily life, work, family and friends as well as my struggles with depression and an eating disorder are locked and can be read by friends only.

If you are interested in becoming a friend of this journal please comment at this post.

Bitterfig related LJ sites:

bitterfic : Archives of all my fan fiction. I write in a baffling array of fandoms: books, anime/manga, comic books, television and film. Stories are primarily slash and femslash with some het and gen.

bitterpic : my art archive. Original and fan art.

Me circa 1997

Me, 2010- 38 years old.

Delirium/Delight by Jill Thompson from Sandman: Brief Lives.

insane journal (bitterfig/bitterfic).
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