bitterfig (bitterfig) wrote,

I finished reading American Psycho, thank goodness. Extraordinary book but it draws such a vivid picture of its narrator’s psychosis that I felt a little insane reading it.

Though they’re essentially secular horror shows, Bret Easton Ellis novels seem to fill my head with visions of devils and witches.

In an effort to get my bearings back I’m currently reading Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith.

At work I’m training a new receptionist to take over for the woman who quit. Training someone is hard work, as it involves being in close proximity and under scrutiny and requires me to be on and seem like I know what I’m doing for the whole of a shift. Today is the last day of training so I’ll go back to having a bit more solitarily/down time on the job which is actually something I like.

My grandmother has been having a lot of trouble with her knee the past couple of days and has been in fairly severe pain. Getting a doctor’s appointment usually involves a lengthy wait but the local hospital managed to get her in tomorrow so someone can look at it. The question is, will they be able to do anything? My grandmother had one knee entirely replaced about 10 years ago and probably needs the other one done. Unfortunately at 92 she really isn’t up for surgery.

On a lighter note, I'm actually going out this weekend. Hans is taking me to a Steve Earle concert in Oneonta. I'm very excited about that.
Tags: books, family, work
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